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International Campaign for Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet

The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) promotes human rights, democratic freedoms and self-determination for the Tibetan people. Since 1988, ICT has fought to get the international community to take action for Tibet. ICT worked with elected leaders and citizens throughout the world to provide political and humanitarian support for Tibetans. Through these efforts, ICT helped pass laws like the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act and the Tibetan Policy Act in the US Congress. It has supported the release and rehabilitation of Tibetans who were unjustly imprisoned for their political and religious beliefs. ICT has offices in Washington, DC, Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels.

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International Campaign for Tibet
Generation Change. 10 Years of Xi Jinping's Sinification and Securitization of Tibetans
International Campaign for Tibet

Generation Change. 10 Years of Xi Jinping’s Sinification and Securitization of Tibetans

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International Campaign for Tibet

Party Above Buddhism. China’s Surveillance and Control of Tibetan Monasteries and Nunneries

One Freedom is how the Asia Freedom Institute (AFI) designated the community of organizations, alliances and coalitions working to promote freedom and democracy in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and PRC-occupied territories. Many of these organizations work globally, lobby foreign governments, conduct primary research, bring uncensored news and voices from people living in China and Chinese-occupied territories to the world, and counter PRC’s malign influence in Asia and across the globe. AFI will spotlight and amplify the work of these organizations.

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