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ICT calls for Review of Tibetan Nature Reserve

World Heritage Watch Report 2022 includes an analysis from the International Campaign for Tibet on the Achen Gangyap (Chinese: Hoh Xil) nature reserve which received a controversial UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) inscription five years ago.

ICT has urged UNESCO officers and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) advisers to review the status of Achen Gangyap nature reserve. The reserve’s status has been reviewed since it became a WHS in 2017. China is not due to submit a periodic review of Achen Gangyap until 2024. ICT has urged UNESCO and IUCN to consider the following in their review:

  • the important role Hoh Xil plays as a model project in China’s broader national park and Tibet policy
  • the union’s 2020 Conservation Outlook Assessment specific recommendations to include the cultural and spiritual values of the Tibetan people in the management of the area

World Heritage Watch is an NGO working with over 180 groups worldwide to prevent world heritage destruction due to political and economic interests.

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