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FreeDem Program

“President Xi’s decade in power has been characterized by sweeping arbitrary detentions, a ruthless nationwide crackdown on freedom of expression and association, crimes against humanity against Muslims in the Xinjiang region, and a dramatic escalation of repression in Hong Kong” says Amnesty International. Furthermore, Xi Jinping has presided over a hardline and draconian policy of ethnic assimilation and state control over religion in Tibet, East Turkistan (aka Xinjiang) and Southern Mongolia (aka Inner Mongolia). All aspects of cultural identity, particularly language and religion, are being systematically eradicated. A third term for Xi will ensure that millions of Chinese citizens, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, HongKongers and others will continue to suffer grave human rights violations under his rule. 

The Asia Freedom Institute (AFI) through its FreeDem Program will convene gatherings, organize seminars, conduct research, establish partnerships and collaborations with civil society organizations and educational institutions in Asia, and organize programs around promotion of democracy, human rights, religious freedom; countering China’s malign influence in corroding democracy and freedom in Asia; and increasing coordination amongst Tibetans, Mongolians, Uyghurs, Chinese dissidents and democracy activists, Hongkongers and Taiwanese.

Key initiatives under the FreeDem Program include:

Freedom Summit

The annual Freedom Summit and other related gatherings will serve as a platform to bring together leaders and representatives from various communities and organizations advocating for their rights and freedom from the Chinese Communist Party and the PRC government. They will be joined by human rights experts, practitioners, academicians, activists, governments, diplomats, think tanks, civil society groups, and the affected groups to monitor and evaluate the human rights situation in regions under the rule of China and the CCP including Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia and Hong Kong. By bringing together a diverse group of individuals, organizations, and institutions, the Summit aims to examine a coordinated multilateral approach and create a unified voice to challenge and hold China accountable for its worsening human rights record.

Academic Seminars

AFI will hold regular seminars on historical and cultural relations between Tibetans, Mongolians, Nepalese, Uyghurs, Indians, Chinese and their neighbors. These academic gatherings will bring together a diverse group of experts and scholars and their presentations and seminar proceedings will be published and widely disseminated.

Polling and Perception Studies

AFI will commission periodical polling and perception studies to understand awareness on China, democracy and religious freedom related issues and Tibet in select countries in Asia. Findings from the studies will be shared with partners and key stakeholders and also promoted.

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