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Vice Mayor of Lhasa, Mr Dradul, bows in apology

Violations Continue After China Issues Rare Public Apology For Covid Failure In Tibet

Chinese authorities have called for “striking hard” on those “spreading rumours about the pandemic” and have further censored free speech as it enforces zero-Covid policy in Lhasa and other major cities in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy reports that conditions have worsened since the spread of Covid-19 a month ago with unprecedented inflation driving some people to the brink of starvation. Hundreds of people have been detained in isolation centres, with or without infection, and served with stale food. Contrary to official media reports, the needs and appeals of the masses have gone unheeded. Left with no option, an unusual number of Tibetans are speaking out through writings, videos, and voice notes on social media, making desperate calls to the Chinese authorities to find a way out of the zero-Covid mess.

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