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(Source: Students for a Free Tibet)

US Government and Human Rights Organizations Call for Immediate Release of Go Sherab Gyatso

January 26, 2023: On October 26, 2020, Chinese authorities arrested Go Sherab Gyatso – a Tibetan monk, religious philosopher, and advocate of a more liberal approach to religious education and belief in Tibet – in Chengdu Municipality, Sichuan Province, after accusing him of “inciting separatism.” In December 2021, it was reported that the Lhasa Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Sherab Gyatso to ten years in prison.

Sherab Gyatso has previously spent time in prison for his religious freedom advocacy. He reportedly was detained in 1998 and 2008 and subsequently served time in prison for adhering to the Dalai Lama’s religious authority and criticizing government controls in monastic education and literature.

The U.S. Department of State called for the immediate and unconditional release of Go Sherab Gyatso, as part of their #WithoutJustCause political prisoners campaign, which was launched in January 2023. They have compiled a list of 18 political prisoners whose cases highlight growing authoritarian efforts to silence dissent and suppress fundamental freedoms across the world.

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