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(Source: SMHRIC)

Human Rights Groups Call for the Immediate release of Mongolian writer and activist Munkhbayar Chuluundorj

Over 100 global human rights organizations released a statement on January 11, 2023 where they called on the the Mongolian government to immediately release human rights defender Munkhbayar Chuluundorj who is serving a 10-year prison sentence on charges related to his public criticism of the Mongolian government’s close ties with China.

Mr. Munkhbayar Chuluundorj is an award-winning Mongolian journalist, poet, and human rights activist known for defending the linguistic, cultural, and historical identities of Southern Mongolians. In February 2022 he was arbitrarily arrested, in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, after raising public critique of the relationship between the Mongolian and Chinese governments and the links to a crackdown on the rights in Southern Mongolia [CH: Inner Mongolia], which China has occupied since 1949.

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