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AFI President Visits Taiwan

Kelsang D. Aukatsang, President of the Asia Freedom Institute (AFI), visited Taipei from February 5-12, 2023. During his visit, Mr. Aukatsang met with various government officials, legislators, scholars and representatives of international organizations and local civil society organizations. 

Mr. Aukatsang’s itinerary included meetings with Legislator Wang Ting-Yu, Chair of Taiwan Parliamentary Human Rights Commission (TPHRC); and Wuer Kaixi, TPHRC General Secretary and Legislator HUNG Shen-han. He met with Mr Hsiao Tsung-Huang, Director of the National Palace Museum (NPM), senior researcher at NPM and senior staff from the Ministry of Culture. The discussion with NPM was focused on AFI’s 1Tibet initiative. He also had meetings with the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Freedom House, NDI, and Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation.

In addition to introducing the work of the AFI and exploring opportunities for collaboration, Mr. Aukatsang discussed how various sectors of Taiwan can counter PRC/CCP influence by advocating for a more values driven approach centered on democracy and freedom.

This was Mr. Aukatsang’s first visit to Taiwan as the AFI President.