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ChinaAid Releases Annual Report on Persecution of Christians in China

ChinaAid, an international non-profit Christian human rights organization based in the United States, released its Annual Persecution Report for 2022. The report on Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) oppression of Christianity details numerous cases of persecution of Christians in China in 2022. 

The key points as summarized in the accompanying executive summary states that “throughout 2022, the Chinese government mobilized to persecute Christians in a variety of ways while expanding religious Sinicization to include allegiance to Xi Jinping. Authorities utilized the infamous zero-COVID policy in tandem with new regulations on religious content online to

eliminate physical and virtual Christian spaces. When unregistered churches met outside of Sunday services, CCP officers and officials found ways to interrupt or prevent the event. Meanwhile, authorities made concerted efforts to cripple congregations financially with “fraud” charges and additional fines to prison sentences.”

The background section of the report highlights the CCP’s “Sinicization of Religion” campaign being carried out by Chinese authorities against Christians, Tibetan Buddhist, Uyghur and Turkic muslims and other religious groups in China. The report mentions remarks made by Wang Yang, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, to participants at a seminar on ethnic and religious works held in Beijing on July 15, 2022. “In his speech to the seminar attendants, Wang emphasized further promoting the Sinicization of religion, adhering to the orientation of the core socialist values, and submerging all religious beliefs in Chinese culture to better adapt religion to China’s socialist society and the New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.”

“We are gravely concerned about how the Communist Regime also treats the state-sanctioned church. Previously, they asked for sole allegiance to the Communist Party, but since the 20th National Party Congress, they shifted their emphasis to aligning with Xi Jinping. Their goal is not only to curate a “socialist-friendly” church; they hope to erase it,” said Bob Fu, ChinaAid’s president and founder.

ChinaAid has been releasing the annual report since 2006. Their reports are derived from an extensive network of Christians throughout China working to expose abuse of human rights, religious freedom, and rule of law.

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