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The biggest threat to Tibet is China’s policy of assimilation and eradication of Tibetan history and identity. 1Tibet will map and digitally unite materials of historical, political and socio-cultural importance and which are currently located in various archives, museums, universities and private collectors across the globe. It will develop a digital platform and make accessible to the world historic documents, images, video and audio, objects and artifacts to reclaim the historical narrative on Tibet. 1Tibet will make a significant contribution to archiving and disseminating knowledge about Tibetan history and identity to a broad, interested audience with a focus on Tibet’s past as an independent nation and civilization. The platform will establish a unique and sustainable resource which seems all the more important now that institutions worldwide are participating in anti-colonial action and recognizing the role of cultural expressions in nation building.

The project will also employ crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and develop a platform where those in possession of materials and objects related to the project can make contributions online.

The project will have three phases: mapping, research and assembling of materials; development and launch of the digital platform; and an educational outreach campaign.

1Tibet will be a people’s project. After completion of the first two phases, a global council composed of young Tibetans will be established and this body will be tasked with stewarding the project with support from a small team of advisors.