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In an age where individuals with their own brands and online audiences have emerged as one of the biggest developments of the digital age, content creators and social media influencers from the Hong Kong, Tibetan and Uyghur communities are in a unique position to tell the story of their people and counter the Chinese government’s disinformation campaign and sophisticated use of the global social media ecosystem to advance a pro-China narrative. How best can these content creators and influencers use their platforms to educate, build community, mobilize and amplify human rights advocacy? 

Date: Monday, May 21, 2024

Time: 09:00 am (Toronto). 02:00 pm (London). 6:30 pm (New Delhi)

Event Type: Virtual (YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn)


Kabir Qurban
Executive Director at Free Uyghur Now
Bhuchung Kata
Creator & Host of ‘Aha Moments
Chris Wong
Former Journalist, Youtuber

Sakina Batt
Host, Freedom Hour, AFI

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Kabir Qurban
Kabir is the Executive Director with Free Uyghur Now and a secondary school teacher. He also serves as a program coordinator at the Muslim Food Bank and Community Services in Vancouver BC, Canada. Kabir supports  the Uyghur people and advocates for their human rights as part of a broader commitment to youth education and human rights for all. In addition, Kabir is an award-winning film producer and authors his own blog, sharing reflections about his work and life.

Bhuchung Kata
Bhuchung started Aha! Moments, a video podcast. This platform serves as a conduit for connection, bridging generational and cultural divides. Bhuchung’s own journey, shaped by displacement from Tibet and longing, underscores the profound impact of narratives in shaping identity and fostering empathy. Aha! Moments invites a diverse array of guests, from spiritual leaders to community leaders, entrepreneurs to artists. The podcast seeks to inspire action, growth and self-improvement. Bhuchung lives in Toronto, Canada.

Chris Wong
Chris Wong served as a journalist in Hong Kong for almost 10 years and has lived in the UK since 2021. He is a video producer, story teller, content writer and multimedia producer. He has been operating a YouTube channel and delivering newscasts, commentaries and video programmes n. His YouTube channel has more than 100k subscribers. He has also made a Docu series called Fenwick Pier.

Sakina Batt
Sakina Batt is a Producer and Director at Meeting Point, a leading audio-visual production house and buying agency in Nepal. She directs promotional videos, does voice overs, writes scripts and copywriting for the videos in Meeting Point. Sakina worked for Tibet TV at the Central Tibetan Administration in India for four years (2017-2021) where she served as a news presenter and an interview host. She also made short documentaries for the channel, wrote scripts, conducted research, edited videos and anchored the show In Conversation with Tibet TV. Sakina has a Masters in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi and a bachelors from Delhi University.