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Author of Spies and Lies. How China’s Greatest Covert Operations Fooled the World

Time: 6 pm (Sydney). 12:30 am (New Delhi). 8 am (Zurich).
Platform: Zoom (with live streams on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)
Event Type: Virtual, public, on-the-record and open to the press

Spies and Lies was published in October 2022

“The book pierces the Ministry of State Security’s walls of secrecy and reveals how agents of the Chinese Communist Party have spent decades manipulating the West’s attitudes – from an Australian prime minister to the US Congress, prominent think tanks and the FBI – about China’s rise. Through interviews with defectors and intelligence officers, classified Chinese intelligence documents and original investigations, the book unmasks dozens of active Chinese intelligence officers along with global MSS fronts, including travel agencies, writers associations, publishing houses, alumni associations, newspapers, a Buddhist temple, a record company and charities.”
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Alex Joske

Author, Spies and Lies


Kelsang D. Aukatsang

President, Asia Freedom Institute (AFI)

Sakina Batt

Host, Freedom Hour, AFI




Alex Joske

Alex Joske is an author and former senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. He has written for the New York Times, the Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian. His research focuses on the Chinese Communist Party’s external influence and technology acquisition efforts, including intelligence and the work of the United Front Works Department. He grew up in Beijing and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Kelsang Aukatsang

Kelsang Aukatsang (Kaydor) is the Founding President of the Asia Freedom Institute and nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub. Kaydor has held various senior leadership positions in the Central Tibetan Administration including the Washington, DC representative for the Dalai Lama, Special Advisor to the President (Sikyong) of the Central Tibetan Administration, and the Director of CTA’s Social and Resource Development Fund (SARD). He was a candidate in the 2021 Tibetan presidential (Sikyong) elections. He has a Master’s in law and diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, Medford, USA, and a Bachelor’s in English literature from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.

Sakina Batt

Sakina Batt is a producer at Meeting Point, a leading audio visual production house and buying agency in Nepal. She directs promotional videos, does voice overs, writes scripts and copywriting for the videos in Meeting Point. Sakina worked for Tibet TV at the Central Tibetan Administration in India for four years (2017-2021) where she served as a news presenter and an interview host. She also made short documentaries for the channel, wrote scripts, conducted research, edited videos and anchored the show In Conversation with Tibet TV. Sakina has a Masters in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi and a bachelors from Delhi University.