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UK Parliament Report Says China Engaged in a “whole of state” Assault on the UK

UK Parliament Report Says China Engaged in a “whole of state” Assault on the UK

The Intelligence and Security Committee of the UK Parliament, a statutory committee of the Parliament that has responsibility for oversight of the UK Intelligence Community, presented a detailed intelligence threat from China to the UK to Parliament on July 13, 2023. The 222-page report states China is engaged in a “whole of state” assault on the UK and the Government’s approach has been “completely inadequate.” 

The nine-member committee, under the chairmanship of Sir Julian Lewis MP, began its inquiry in 2019. The report concludes that China’s “ambition at a global level – to become a technological and economic superpower, on which other countries are reliant – poses a national security threat to the UK.” The report states that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “co-opts every state institution, company and citizen” and employs a ‘whole-of-state’ approach to “aggressively target the UK.” The report is highly critical of the UK government’s preparations and response and states “the level of resource dedicated to tackling the threat posed by China’s ‘whole-of-state’ approach has been completely inadequate.”

The report outlines seven specific aims that China is seeking from the UK including shaping “the public narrative to mute criticism of the CCP and its actions (particularly in relation to Hong Kong, human rights, the South China Sea, Tibet, press freedom, Xinjiang etc.).

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