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George Gao, former head of China’s Centre for Disease Control

Top Chinese Scientist Says Covid-19 Lab Leak Possible

George Gao, an internationally respected virologist, and former director of China’s Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) said “You can always suspect anything. That’s science. Don’t rule out anything,” in a May 30, 2023 interview for BBC Radio 4 podcast Fever: The Hunt for Covid’s Origin.

Professor Gao was the head of CDC until July 2022 and is currently the president of China’s International Institute of Vaccine Innovation. He was a key figure in the Chinese government investigation into the origins of Covid. In his BBC interview Gao said: “We really don’t know where the virus came from … the question is still open.”

The origins of the Covid-19 virus are still being investigated. In February of this year, the journal Nature reported that WHO had abandoned plans for the crucial second phase of the Covid-origins investigation due to lack of full cooperation from the Chinese government. As of March 10, 2023 more than 6.8 million deaths had been attributed to Covid-19.