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(Source: The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs)

Report Highlights Chinese Transnational Repression Against Tibetans in Exile

The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) published a report titled “Chinese Transnational Repression of Tibetan Diaspora Communities.”  This is the first report of its kind on the issue of the Chinese government’s transnational repression against the Tibetan exile and diaspora community. 

The report, which collected testimonies from 84 Tibetans in exile, details various forms of transnational repression experienced by the those targeted and the Tibetan community in general including:

  • Efforts by Chinese authorities to sever connections between Tibetans in exile and their relatives in Tibet by making communication technically impossible or dangerous.
  • Chinese authorities spying on exiled Tibetans to collect personal information. This information is then used to infiltrate and sabotage diaspora networks (including through disinformation campaigns), blackmailing and other forms of intimidation.
  • Controlling the behavior of exiled Tibetans (through direct intimidation and/or threats to their relatives), mostly coercing them to renounce their activism.
  • Undermining the livelihoods of exiled Tibetans through preventing money transfers from relatives in Tibet and restricting Tibetans from attending cultural events such as teachings by the Dalai Lama.

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