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(Source: CNN)

Rare Protest Against Xi Jinping Amid Unprecedented Security Before the Party Congress

Peng Lifa (彭立发), known online as Peng Zaizhou (彭载舟), is reportedly the brave Chinese man who displayed two large banners demanding the removal of Xi Jinping on Sitong Overpass (四通桥) on the Third Ring Road, north section, in Beijing Haidian District around 2 pm Beijing Time on October 13, just days before the CCP’s 20th Party Congress. 

One banner read: “No PCR test, want livelihoods; not lockdowns, want freedom; not lies, want dignity; not Cultural Revolution, want reform; not a supreme leader, want ballots; not to be slaves but citizens.”

The other read: “Students strike, workers strike, remove the dictator and state thief Xi Jinping.”

There are news reports of anti-Xi slogans, inspired by the actions of the lone protester in Beijing, spreading to other cities in China.

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