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(Source: China News Service via Getty Images)

More than 100 COVID Deaths in Tibet Since the End of Lockdown

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports a surge in COVID deaths in Tibet since the Chinese government ended its Zero-COVID policy. 

“More than 100 people have died in Tibet’s capital Lhasa since restrictions under Beijing’s zero-COVID policy were lifted on Dec. 7. On Jan. 2 alone, 64 bodies were cremated at the Drigung Cemetery in Maldro Gongkar, with 30 cremated at the Tsemonling Cemetery, 17 at the Sera Cemetery, and another 15 cremated at a cemetery in Toelung Dechen. Before this, only 3 to 4 bodies were cremated each day at these cemeteries in the Lhasa area” says RFA.

China’s National Health Commission announced on Dec. 25 that it would no longer publish daily COVID case numbers. Furthermore, only Covid patients who succumbed with respiratory failure are listed as having died of Covid, a criteria the World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized as “quite narrow.”  International media reported on leaked Chinese health officials estimate that as many 250 million people in China were infected with COVID-19 in the first twenty days of December. Airfinity, a health data company, is forecasting daily deaths of 20,400 and cumulative deaths since December first at 303, 500 and is predicting 1.7 million deaths across China by the end of April 2023

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