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(Source: Sky News)

German Chancellor’s Visit to China Criticized

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz became the first leader of a G-7 country to visit China on November 4, 2022. Accompanying him on the brief visit were CEOs of the biggest German companies. Human Rights organizations criticized the visit by the German leader. They said the Chancellor “had failed to coordinate with his European partners, instead flying to Beijing almost immediately after Xi Jinping’s coronation.”

Many in the media also portrayed the Chancellor’s visit as a win for China and that the visit could be construed by Beijing as Germany “moving out of alignment with the U.S. approach to China.”

An analysis by the China Digital Times viewed the visit by the first Western leader to meet with Xi since the Chinese leader was appointed for an unprecedented third term at the 20th Party Congress “as a pilgrimage that will reinforce German dependence on a systemic rival and fracture European unity.”

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