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End “Zero-Covid.” Put Human Life and Dignity First

(Source: Chinese Human Rights Defenders)

End “Zero-Covid.” Put Human Life and Dignity First

The Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) published a piece China: End ideological “Zero COVID” and put human life and dignity first in which it urged the Chinese government to get rid of the “Zero-Covid” policy and “lift unnecessary restrictions on freedom of movement and expression and adopt pandemic-control health measures recommended by the World Health Organization.”

Information gathered by CHRD revealed the government’s “health code system has provided the government with new means to control and monitor the movement of activists and critics of the government.”

“The ‘Zero COVID’ policy presents the first major challenge of Xi’s third term: is Xi capable of recognizing his errors and changing course? Xi should immediately change China’s COVID policies on the basis of the best science available. As far as human rights are concerned, Chinese authorities must stop the use of all tracking apps of the 1.4 billion people, which have proven to be prone to abuse,” said William Nee, CHRD Research and Advocacy Coordinator.

“The international human rights community must push for an immediate end to all lockdowns, especially in the Uyghur region and Tibet, and end censorship, including on all COVID-19 related topics. If Xi really meant to put the people first, put life first, then he must dismantle the country’s COVID measures that have completely disregarded people’s basic needs and human life,” said Renee Xia, CHRD Director.

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