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(A protester is pulled at the gate of the consulate on Sunday - the consul-general is alleged to be in a mask and hat on the far left. Image: Reuters)

Chinese Diplomat and Embassy Officials Attack Hong Kong Protestors

One of China’s most senior diplomats in the UK and his colleagues attacked protesters at the Manchester Chinese consulate on October 16. Video footage shows Zheng Xiyuan, the Chinese Consul General, kicking and ripping off placards while his colleagues, reportedly CCP officials, dragged the protestors into the consulate compound and beat them up. Dozens of Hongkongers were protesting against Xi Jinping and the CCP Party Congress in Beijing. 

“I’ve ordered the summoning of the Chinese chargé d’affaires to demand an explanation for the shocking scenes outside the Chinese consulate-general in Manchester on Sunday. Peaceful protest is a fundamental right in Great Britain and the Chinese government must respect that,” tweeted, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

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