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Ban on Tibetan Buddhist teachers in Guangdong’s Yunfu City

The government-backed Chinese Buddhist Association in the coastal province of Guangdong has called to “resolutely resist illegal preaching by Tibetan monks” in a move similar to previous notices issued in China’s Shanxi Province. The notice by the Buddhist Association of Yunfu city, made public by the Rights Protection Network in July 2022, states that “illegal preaching” had “seriously affected the interests of believers, property safety, family safety and social harmony.” While referring to Tibetan Buddhist teachers as “outlaws” who pretend to be “living Buddhas” to “cheat” on or even sexually exploit believers, the notice unmistakably underscores the political nature of regulations and rules pertaining to Tibetan Buddhism. It cites national laws and regulations that ban Tibetan Buddhist monks from leaving “the Tibetan area,” and, most notably, the notice warns of “religious infiltration by overseas Tibetan Buddhist monks.”

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