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A New Report on China’s Securitization of Information

Source: MERICS

A New Report on China’s Securitization of Information

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) based in Berlin, Germany recently published a report titled “The Increasing Challenge of Obtaining Information From Xi’s China.”

The “report focuses on China’s securitization of online information from two angles: the de- creasing transparency of China’s government in general and, more specifically, restrictions targeting foreign access. On the one hand, authorities are gradually reducing the amount of information they release to the public—especially affecting domains subject to intensified geopolitical competition like technology policy. Making government action more opaque, the decline in transparency affects Chinese citizens and foreign observers equally. On the other hand, the government is rolling out both regulatory and technical means to block ac- cess to potentially sensitive information from abroad. As a result, in the immediate future, stakeholders will have to face global challenges with less information to guide them.”

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