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A New Database and Tool to Track Dissent in China

(Source: Freedom House)

A New Database and Tool to Track Dissent in China

Freedom House, a nonprofit working to create a world where all are free, introduced China Dissent Monitor (CDM) on November 14, 2022. The CDM collects and shares information about the frequency and diversity of dissent in the PRC and aims to provide an accurate picture of dissent in the country as well as preserve information about that dissent. 

CDM researchers found that “dissent in China occurs regularly and is geographically widespread.” The first edition of CDC recorded 668 instances of dissent in China from June to September 2022, as people dissented against stalled housing projects, labor rights violations, fraud, COVID-19 policies, and state violence, among other grievances.

Dissent occurred across China with 77 incidents taking place in Hebei Province, 72 in Henan, 49 in Guangdong, and 49 were in Shaanxi. Incidents were most prevalent around grievances related to stalled housing projects (215), pay and benefits (109), fraud (105), building quality (43), school district disputes (37), COVID-19 policies (37), corruption (21), land rights (21), banking scandals (21), and state violence (15).

“Contrary to what the Chinese Communist Party wants the world to believe, individuals throughout China are standing up to Beijing’s machine of censorship and repression to make their voices heard. More Chinese people are taking the courageous step of exercising their fundamental rights to free expression and assembly—even achieving some concessions from private companies and local officials—which is rightly troubling to the ever-more oppressive Party,” said Michael J. Abramowitz, president of Freedom House.

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